These are just a few samples of some past work that didn't quite make the final cut, or have reached a year or two in age, and everything in between. Sometimes the journey is more enjoyable to see and remember than the end result—or at least to have a good laugh!



  • Concept Art for Tucson's Annual El Tour
  • Cover Art for Print Magazine | Gold Addy Winner
  • Thunder Canyon Brewery Root Beer Concept Package | Silver Addy Winner
  • 70's Inspired Poster Art | Hand Drawn and Colored
  • Hand Drawing - David's Bone 'n Flesh | The College Years
  • Strongwatch Business Stationary Options


  • Web Design Concept w/addtional Banner Art for Calculaded Trade
  • Admin Pannel Web Design Concept for Harmoney Software
  • Web Design Concept for SWS

Brand Identity

  • Other Options for LifePoint
  • Concept Logo for Dish Network
  • The Old Logo for My B-Boy Crew Mirror Image | ♫Ricky Ricky♫ Old School!