Creating quality visual designs is what Praeter Design is all about. As human beings we are naturally pulled toward things that are aesthetically pleasing. Our attention is held longer, our trust is more freely given, and we remember it more often. These are the characteristics any product or service needs when trying to sell itself to its audience. Praeter Design specializes in creating designs that will grab and hold your audiences attention, gain their trust, and build a solid identity in their minds. These are just a few samples of some past clients.


Comfort Acrylics, Inc.

Comfort Acrylics manufactures and supplies dentist with appliances that cure sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. While I've done a handful of small projects with their website, here is a sample of a print project I recently did for them. Comfort Acrylics needed to have their 'care instructions' card updated with a new look; clean, attractive, and fun were their requirements.

Technology Used

  • Photoshop:              ////////
  • Illustrator:              ////
  • InDesign:               //
  • Coffee Drinking:   /

  • Comfort Acrylics Care Instruction Table-Top Card | Front and Back


Cousin Affect

Cousin Affect is a contemporary hip-hop band out of Phoenix AZ. I've worked with this band before to design their second album. They came back to me again to do the design of their newest album. The primary concept for this album design was to show off their new brand identity and the name of the album, fresh foreword; a title which best sums up their newest album. Here are a few sample images of the process and outcome.

Technology Used

  • Photoshop:              //////////
  • Illustrator:              /////
  • InDesign:               ///
  • Coffee Drinking:   ////////

  • Cover Panel
  • Inside Panels 1 - Thank You and Inside Image
  • Inside Panels 2 - Song Credits (bottom shows design process)
  • Inside Jewel Case Panel
  • Back Panel

Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Project Included: Brochure Mailer, Newspaper and Magazine Adds, Save the Date Mailer, and Waiting Room Flyer. AzCIM is a medical center in Tucson, which specializes in integrative medicine.

The brochure and flyer were created to inform members of an up coming conference, and attract new members to the conference, and future mental health conferences. Both pieces were printed mailers, the flyer also came with two additional color and black and white files to be used for magazine and newspaper adds.

Technology Used

  • Photoshop:              ////////
  • Illustrator:              ///
  • InDesign:               ///
  • Coffee Drinking:   /////

  • Brochure Side 1 - four panels plus perforated registration form
  • Brochure Side 2 - four panels plus perforated registration form
  • Four Color and B/W Ad
  • Save the Date Flyer
  • Waiting Room Flyer

Killer Inovations

Killer Innovations is a company that guides and motivates other companies in achieving "killer innovations". This project consisted of a one piece graphic to use in-house as a hi-res poster and low-res web hero image. The concept was simple, show what they do in a creative way and in action, and photo manipulation is my specialty!

This project for Killer Innovations was mainly created to be used online, however files were also created to allow for print use as well. The files included several options to allow for multiple backgrounds, profile pictures of company employees, and different type arrangements to suite the multiple options.

Technology Used

  • Photoshop:              //////////
  • Illustrator:              ///
  • InDesign:               
  • Coffee Drinking:   ///

  • Full Standard Version
  • No Background - Allows for Other Background Options
  • Type Option 1
  • Type Option 2 - w/employee photo
  • Type Option 3 - Jewel Case Version