The Facets of Praeter Design:


Creating quality visual designs is what Praeter Design is all about. As human beings we are naturally pulled toward things that are aesthetically pleasing. Our attention is held longer, our trust is more freely given, and we remember it more often. These are the characteristics any product or service needs when trying to sell itself to its audience. Praeter Design specializes in creating designs in the fields of advertising, brand identity, packaging, and web design that will grab and hold your audiences attention, gain their trust, and build a solid identity in their minds.


Having a strong business generating presence on the web can be a challenge for any business starting out or trying to get ahead in their market. When it comes to the web having a great looking site is only half the battle. These days a strong focus needs to be put on the user experience, or the interface and information design of your website. Can your audience find what they're looking for, and how long does it take them to do it? As a client you want the most flexibility with updating your web site, do you need your designer every time or can you easily do the work your self? Whether you need a new website for your new business or you need a redesign cause your already losing the first half of the battle, Praeter Design can develop a site that makes you a competitive force on the web with today's web standards and tomorrow's look.


Leo Burnett once said, "If you don't get noticed, you don't have anything. You just have to be noticed, but the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or without tricks." Praeter Design strives to create brands that capture the hearts and minds of your target audience, and beyond, with a strong yet natural design. Whether your looking to reposition your existing brand or wanting to create a new brand, Praeter Design will help you find a solid brand identity that will naturally capture the hearts and minds of your target audience.


Beauty is created not just through the lens, but through the whole process of photography. From the tricks of the camera and the working of subjects and light to the tricks behind the screen and the clicking of a mouse. With Praeter Design you can have an old photo revitalized or photos taken from start to finish to complement your advertisement or design needs. Utilizing talent along with killer photo-manipulation skills, your photo needs can be met with high quality at Praeter Design.

The Design Process:


It's never best to dive into a project too fast. That's why I always begin with research, analysis and careful information architecture to build a solution to your design needs. After gaining some solutions I'll begin creating a basic 'wireframe' of your website or an outline of what needs to go into your print design. This helps us both find out the best way of laying out your print design or website and ensuring your audience's needs and wants are met. This phase is the most important as it helps set the tone for the rest of your project.


Now that I've got your requirements sorted, its time to move onto the design stage. Here I'll use the structure established in the planning phase to create a visually appealing print layout, identity, or user interface for your website. Great design, marketing strategies and usability lie at the core of this phase.


Once the design has been signed off I'll begin to turn your design into a fully functioning digital piece or coded website. I specialize in standards based development so when it comes to print and identity projects you can rest assured your design will print out the way its suppose to and your website will be created with valid coding.


Once your site has launched or your print material is being circulated, I am able to provide maintenance and offer seo services to boost your web traffic and establish your beautiful new website or make any unforeseen 'functional' changes to your print material or identity design.

Now lets create your company's growth together!